What do I do

Through a unique background, combining both HR operations and projects, I have become a partner to implement your HR Strategy. I can add value to your HR team by introducing best practices from the various fields I have walked through.

What is differentiating Nerval from the Global Management Consulting Companies?

Nerval consulting is positioned at the Tactical Layer of your Strategy. Our key asset is to make the link between experts, thanks to a vertical and horizontal broad spectrum.

Nerval Consulting positionning

Strategy Consultants Big 5 Nerval
Defined Global strategy
Convert Global Strategy into HR Strategy
Plan HR Strategy
Manage HR Transformation Program
Work accros boundaries
Functional experts
Junior support

Who am I

As an independent consultant, I bring you a visionary and objective approach. Customers’ feedback is that I’m very pragmatic. I will drive you to actions. For those of you who are familiar with MBTI, my profile is ESTJ (“born to organise”)

My colleagues describe me as a no nonsense professional, with a candid human touch. To make it short, I’m the oil in your engine

Vertical integration

I’m a hands-on consultant, working with your base as well as your VP’s, to design a pragmatic approach of your High Level strategy. On smaller projects, I design my own tools and models. No need to hire a group of consultants. I can do the management as well as the daily tasks of the project.

Horizontal integration

I will make a link between experts within HR, between HR and other departments, or even between companies of your group. It is partly due to my personality: tolerant, open, curious and demanding for expertise.

It is also due to my practical experience of most of the key roles of the HR Model: Centre of Expertise, HR shared service centre as well as HR Business Partner.

Continuous skills development

I consider having a strong academic background (namely Business Engineer) is not satisfactory for a lifetime. From time to time, I upgrade my qualifications with new management or social models to make sure I am not reinventing the wheel.

Examples of additional certifications I acquired are:

  • Quality Assurance (ISO 9000)
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Change Management (Prosci Adkar methodology)
  • Lean Management, Six Sigma Green Belt
  • MBTI practitioner

I would be happy to join your team either to manage it or to coach it on the way to the HR excellence.

International mobility

My two sons grew up so fast ! A key success factor of your project is the close relationship between the project manager and your local teams. As experienced global project manager I can offer my capacity and willingness to travel to your various regions, specifically APAC


Strangely, years after years, it remains difficult for HR and IT to align on priorities and ways to implement HR Management systems.

People tend to say about me that I’m bridging the gap between HR & IT worlds.

After some years as HR specialist, I switched voluntary to HR management systems. I had a vision of integrated systems, which would lead business driven HR to excellence.

I have managed projects directly or indirectly linked to SAP HCM for more than 15 years.

Back in 2003, I implemented one of the first SaaS (Software as a Service) in Belgium: Peoplefluent (@ Proximus). More recently, I had the opportunity to contribute to Workday and SuccessFactors implementations.

I also help much smaller companies (down to an Executive Search start-up of 10 consultants) to select more focused tools (learning, e-recruitment f.i.)

I am sharing some thoughts about the HRIS and HR processes on my blog

Change Management

Thanks to the new wave of SaaS applications, HR is going digital. Technical implementation is easier than at the times of ERP’s. Also, these tools propose you best practices processes. As a consequence, the difficulty of the project has transferred to the change management. Each company has to work at underlying principles like empowerment of the line managers, or reducing the number of paper processes.

As opposed to a traditional Project manager, I’m adding value to your digital project by contributing significantly to the process design and change management.

HR analytics is another typical HRIS challenge. Again, my deep understanding of data model as well as HR business helps you to define models such as Strategic Workforce planning. Eventually, you will leverage from your HRIS efforts

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Cases & CV



Project Manager SuccessFactors. Acting as internal Project Manager, adding Business Process Re-engineering and Change Management value (as of 2016)



Strategic HR IS consultant: coaching internal teams on the maturity journey towards professional HR management systems



Supporting an Executive Search start-up selecting an appropriate e-Recruitment and CRM tool to support its growth (2016)



Project Manager, Talent Management. Supported the Centre of Expertise in selecting a cloud application for Talent Management: Request For Proposal and Detailed comparison with SAP on-Premise option (2015)



ad Interim HR Manager (2013), set-up of a model and process for Strategic Workforce Planning (2014), Architect and Process Lead on the Workday implementation (2014-2015)



Project Manager in the HR Transformation programme (Manages the Operating Model, BPR, and Transition to Productive Organisation) (From 2007 to 2013)



Project Manager and Business Analyst of the SAP Recruitment implementation (2007)



Set-up and management of an international HR Shared Service Center: Delivery model, Standard services definition, Standard operating procedure; Monitoring and reporting of Service Level Agreements and KPI's. Monthly management of 20 payrolls over 8 countries. (2 years experience live) . From 2003 to 2006


Belgacom Mobile (Proximus)

Working for the e-HRM team as project leader of projects such as : Appraisal system, Mobility Board, Who is who, Workforce Planning, e-Recruitment. From 2000 to 2002



Project leader of the ORACLE HRIS implementation in 2000-2001. HR Business Analyst (2007)


Sodexo Belgique

Redesign of the HR administrative processes. Objectives were to have smoother processes, in line with the HR best practices, and to increase efficiency by the use the internet possibilities. (2000)


Mastercard, Belgium

Project manager of the SAP-HR implementation

Puilaetco Dewaay, Belgium

Recruitment manager

Alusuisse-Lonza, France and The Netherlands

Various assignments in the HR and Quality assurance fields


Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Coordinator of the M.B.A and the student exchanges programmes

Nerval B.V.B.A.

Av A.J. Slegers, 74/2

Contact me

Mail: virginie.louvois@nerval.be
Tel: +32 (0)477 577 056
Fax: +32 (0)2 763 39 20
BTW/TVA: BE 0468.009.855

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