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Virginie Louvois

About me

Through a unique background, combining both HR operations and projects, I have become a partner to implement your HR Strategy. I can add value to your HR team by introducing best practices from the various fields I have walked through.

Customers’ feedback is that I’m very pragmatic. I will drive you to actions. As I cannot imagine being a theoretical consultant, I adjusted my assignments to have the chance to play most of the key roles of the HR Model : Centre of Expertise, HR shared service centre as well as HR Business Partner), This includes international operations and projects in various industries. From time to time, I confront experience with new management models to make sure I am not reinventing the wheel. I consider having a strong academic background is not satisfactory for a lifetime. I go back to school to acquire additional certifications when I feel they could contribute to drive HR to a higher level of maturity.

What is differentiating Nerval from the Global Management Consulting Companies?

Nerval consulting is positioned at the Tactical Layer of your Strategy. Our key asset is to make the link between experts, thanks to a vertical and horizontal broad spectrum.

When considering assigning me to your project, remember I’m an hands-on consultant, working with your base as well as your VP’s, to design a pragmatic approach of your High Level strategy. After 25 years of experience, I realise my key differentiator is that I’m able to make a link between experts within HR, between HR and other departments, or even between companies of your group. It is also due to my personality, tolerant, open, curious and demanding for expertise . To make it short, I’m the oil in your motor.

You will read more about my atypical career path on the other chapter of this website.

If it fits your requirements, I would be happy to join your team either to manage it or to consult & coach it to the HR excellence.

Organisations & BPR

For more than 15 years I’ve been mentoring companies to transform their HR function. I conduct customers from the initial business case all the way to the implementation of a new operating model. I can also propose HR analytics skills to model a Strategic Workforce planning. As Certified Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Management, I can easily integrate in the BPR teams of the customers. However, thanks to extensive experience with many companies in various industries (such as pharmaceuticals, services, telecom, metal industry, and public services )and by working with several consulting companies, I have learned to avoid pushing dogmatic models onto customers. You as a customer know best how far and how fast your organization can change. I prefer to propose best practices and then build the new model brick by brick together with the stakeholders, trying to accommodate the main expectations and constraints.

Once the high level model is defined, I further run workgroups to define the new processes, in line with the agreed organization model. In this phase, we also continue to detail the new organization. I am definitively no supporter of a full top down approach. My background in Business Process Re-engineering has convinced me that end-to-end processes need to be organized as logically and as lean as possible. The very specific background I have in Ergonomics and Well-being at Work reminds me that the organization of work and processes also need to make sense to the individual in his/her work environment if this individual is to stay motivated. A successful organization is one where process design and job design are aligned to deliver a better performance. Thanks to my Quality Assurance background, I never forget this principle.

Project Management

During my career I have switched regularly from operations to project management and back. Once I have clear objectives, leading teams according to deadlines, managing the project organisation and budget, anticipating risks, are all activities I’m doing almost intuitively and with great pleasure. Early 1998, I directed one of the first ERP HR selections in Belgium. I was an early adopter of SAP HCM. Although I can configure some areas of SAP Personnel Administration and Organizational Management and I did attend all SAP HCM trainings, my favourite role is the one of Project manager with a strong Business content.

Back in 2003, I implemented one of the first SaaS (Software as a Service) in Belgium: Peoplefluent (@ Proximus). I captured the contractual, legal and technological specificities of this kind of tool. Switching to Workday was thus an obvious, natural step for me. Not only I can make the link between Process, Functional and Integration team. But I also have the ideal skill profile to be an architect of an interface with SAP HCM.

People tend to say about me that I’m surfing on the intersection between functional HR and HR Information Systems (HRIS), bridging the gap between HR & IT worlds. This is due to my HR operations experience, combined with a strong interest for technology.

I consider HRIS as a backbone on which I build other projects, like new HR processes and a new HR organisation model (which are then strongly based on the standard possibilities of the HR IS).

I have had the opportunity to experience in truly excellent businesses the various PMO standards and methodologies, such as Prince2, PMI and of course ASAP (SAP methodology). Although not formally certified, I can apply these standards and methodologies in a pragmatic way.

In- & Outsourcing

As I used to work in recruitment, job evaluation, as well as payroll and administration, I can propose my experience as HR Interim manager and would be very happy to be a valuable asset in your team. I can either work as an HR Specialist or Generalist.

Back in 2003, I had the opportunity to contribute to major HR Operations Outsourcing contracts. I was a pioneer in HR services Statement of Work and Standard Operating Procedures. This led me to the creation and management of the first SAP-based HR Shared Service Centre in Brussels. I managed the payroll and administration processes of 8 European countries, as well as a call centre for customers’ employees. This is certainly a very specific skill future customers could benefit from.


I certified as a Myers Briggs Type Indicator® practitioner. This helps me to understand customers faster, and to lead (project) teams.

Accepted throughout the world as the "gold standard" of personality measures, the MBTI assessment is grounded in decades of research with a proven record in the field of human development.

MBTI profiling for individuals and team events are valuable for developing performance. By gaining insights about themselves and others, people can communicate better with others and as a result work more successfully in a team.

As a certified practitioner, I can assist people taking the MBTI instrument and guide them through the identification of their own MBTI profile. You could take this questionnaire for yourself, members of your team of family, for personal or team development purposes.

"Whatever the circumstances of your life, the understanding of type can make your perceptions clearer, your judgments sounder, and your life closer to your heart’s desire.”
Isabel Briggs Myers


Cases and CV

  • GSK : ad Interim HR Manager (2013), set-up of a model and process for Strategic Workforce Planning (2014), Architect and Process Lead on the Workday implementation (Since 2013)
  • NMBS-SNCB: Project Manager in the HR Transformation programme (Manages the Operating Model, BPR, and Transition to Productive Organisation) (From 2007 to 2013)
  • STIB-MIVB: Project Manager and Business Analyst of the SAP Recruitment implementation (2007)
  • NorthgateArinso: Set-up and management of an international HR Shared Service Center: Delivery model, Standard services definition, Standard operating procedure; Monitoring and reporting of Service Level Agreements and KPI's. Monthly management of 20 payrolls over 8 countries. (2 years experience live) . From 2003 to 2006
  • Belgacom Mobile (Proximus): Working for the e-HRM team as project leader of projects such as : Appraisal system, Mobility Board, Who is who, Workforce Planning, e-Recruitment. From 2000 to 2002
  • bpost: Project leader of the ORACLE HRIS implementation in 2000-2001. HR Business Analyst (2007)
  • Sodexo Belgique : Redesign of the HR administrative processes. Objectives were to have smoother processes, in line with the HR best practices, and to increase efficiency by the use the internet possibilities. (2000)
  • Mastercard, Belgium: Project manager of the SAP-HR implementation
  • Puilaetco Dewaay, Belgium: Recruitment manager
  • Alusuisse-Lonza, France and The Netherlands: Various assignments in the HR and Quality assurance fields
  • Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium : Coordinator of the M.B.A and the student exchanges programmes
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